Old Mom/New Mom: On kids and technology today

Old Mom

“There is too much technology for kids. What happened to books and board games? ImagePeople are getting their children iPads. I can’t afford one myself. I understand they need computers in school because eventually they will have to use them when they move on to careers. But I think technology at home should be cut back and more time spent with real books, crayons or paints and paper, and board games everyone can play together.”

New Mom

“It’s amazing how many mobile apps are available to download for kids, even toddlers!  Apps have become so educational that even when they’re learning my little ones think they’re “playing” on my tablet.  My 7-year-old daughter’s school just revealed a website she can login to for reading books online that are appropriate for her reading level, so I’m even thinking of buying a tablet for her next birthday.  Although; I do worry about too much tech time for my little ones, so my husband and I choose to limit the amount of time allowed per week. “

Check out pinterest.com/doyouroo for ideas on tech and non-tech fun for your kids!

The Old Mom/New Mom blog posts are by Claim Your Youth team members Mary Beth King and Rebecca Isaacs. Join them here on the Do The Roo blog as they argue (nicely) about issues that affect other moms, old and new.

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