Being Kirby

We had a call recently from a credit union marketer who was renting the Kirby Kangaroo suit for the first time. She was wondering about the mechanics of renting and wearing the mascot costume. I handle the Kirby costume orders and, having been Kirby a few times myself, I feel prepared to answer that question. (See the video of me being Kirby here aKirby and mend in photo.)

First of all, having Kirby at your credit union event is sure to be a hit. Kids are charmed by the enormous kangaroo. They absolutely buy into the concept of a large furry creature that belongs to their local credit union. They want to follow Kirby, hug him, hold his hand, er, paw, pull his tail, and tell him their trials and tribulations, and if Kirby has candy and Kirby promotional items in his pouch, so much the better. Children’s sweet, ingenuous belief in a giant silent marsupial handing out quarter savers is heart-warming. Parents love it too because having your kids around a giant kangaroo is a Kodak moment in the making.

Some information about the Kirby costume:
• Kirby costume rental is $75 per event plus shipping and handling. We enclose a prepaid return shipping label. We ship your costume approximately 10 days before your event. When your event is over, put it back in the box, tape it up, stick the return label on it and UPS will pick it up.
• If you are renting it for two events within a week or so, we will ship it to you once and you can keep it for your second event. You only pay one shipping and handling fee. Otherwise, we ask that you ship the costume back within two business days after your event.
• If your credit union rents the suit often, consider buying one. Cost is $1,350 plus shipping and handling. Our Claim Your Youth team can help you.
• We ship the Kirby costume in a single box. The costume includes the body suit, head, mittens and shoe covers.
• The costume is at least large enough for a 6 foot, 200-pound person. The costume zips up the back. The total gear weighs about 12 pounds. Kirby will need help getting into his costume.
• We also suggest that someone acts as Kirby’s assistant. The costume head limits vision and sound so an assistant can lead Kirby around safely and do the talking for him. The mittens make handling small items difficult so the assistant can hand out promotional items or candy too. The pouch is a handy way to carry those items.

Give the Kirby costume rental a try at your next kid event. He’ll be the hit of the party! Contact the Claim Your Youth team at 866-262-8336 for details.


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The Claim Your Youth team works with credit union professionals to better market to and reach young people... the future of credit unions.
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  1. Peter wore this suit as Spider-Man’s official costume until writer J. Michael Straczynski chose to revert to the older costume. It was used symbolically to show Peter’s divided loyalties during the Civil War event at Marvel Comics, promotional images showing him with the Iron Spider costume alongside the pro-registration heroes and in his classic costume on the anti-registration side.

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