Fake Twitter Profiles: BEWARE!

Did you jump for joy when your phone buzzed to update you that “Megan Fox is now following you on Twitter”? or perhaps, Barack Obama has started following you? First look for the catchy blue check mark on their profile verifying them as a legitimate twitter account. No checkmark? DO NOT FOLLOW. They will quickly begin spamming or worse, start phishing your account. Fake twitter profiles are dangerous and it is important to pay attention to these followers. Also, watch out for duplicate followers, even if you know them. Fake twitters accounts can be created under your friend’s names. When these duplicate friends start commenting on your statuses abnormally or asking personal questions through direct messaging, you may have a problem. The best thing to do? Do not follow and Do not reply.

Look for the blue check mark by the name!

This is NOT Megan!




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The Claim Your Youth team works with credit union professionals to better market to and reach young people... the future of credit unions.
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