Everyone loves prizes

Today is the day. If you’re following me on Twitter @dotheroo, Like me on Facebook @Kirby-Kangaroo and leave a comment here, I’ll put you in the running to win a Kirby Shovel and Pail. Nice, huh? Any comment will do the trick. Maybe you’ll want to comment on my jumping abilities? Or how awesome my ears are. Your choice. I’ll pick a winner on Friday and give them a call or email personally. Oh, so you may want to include your email address in there or phone number or something.

Looking for prizes to give out to your young members this summer? Login to the Kirby Store today and place your order. There are a lot of new items in there.


About dotheroo

The Claim Your Youth team works with credit union professionals to better market to and reach young people... the future of credit unions.
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2 Responses to Everyone loves prizes

  1. Michael Vars says:

    Thanks for sharing

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