Public Relations (PR) 101

As a kangaroo, I get a lot of questions about PR. Not exactly sure why, but it happens to all my relatives too. Must have something to do with the hopping and the pouch.

Anywhoo, I usually start with the basics. Below are some tips I recently got from WOCCU about cultivating a relationship with the press and how that can help.

1. Find the media outlets that do a good job in your area and start to build a relationship with those entities. It will take time and you may have to take some people out to lunch. Don’t just focus on television or newspaper. You also want to get to know the radio groups in your area, trade publication editors, local talk show hosts and more.
2. Give your local media story ideas, such as ICU Day. Do the work for them by pulling together quotable people, getting a branch ready for a shoot and writing up a press release that tells the story without telling the whole story.
3. Don’t be pushy. This one is hard, especially when you’ve done all the work to get a story ready for someone. But sometimes, there are bigger stories than your credit union’s 50th anniversary. Chances are, they will get to you, it may just be later than you want. Then again, potential members won’t know the difference and will come in and join anyway.


About dotheroo

The Claim Your Youth team works with credit union professionals to better market to and reach young people... the future of credit unions.
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