Marsupial Monday Musings

Let me get one thing straight. This is not a pouch. It’s a European
carryall. Just because I’m a kangaroo and have a pouch does not mean that
I’m carrying around hair grooming supplies or bathroom products. Fact is,
the only thing in there right now is my wallet (made from genuine outback
crock) and my iPhone. Ring tone? Land Down Under by Men at Work.

Okay, so you cannot tell from my typing, but I have an Australian accent.
Sure I could use terms like shrimp-on-the-barbie and Fosters, but really
what good would that do me here? My job here is to tell you about my kids
club, how I can talk one-on-one with your young members, and what I teach
about money.

Here’s what I know from my four years at JSU (Joey State University) and my
hopabout afterward:

  • How to live on a budget
  • Why koalas make horrible dates
  • Cool tricks to do with my tail
  • Where to find a pair of tennis shoes to fit my 56 wides

I’m also here to introduce ankle biters to the world of saving,
spending and giving to those in need. Important stuff, to be sure. And a
task I am “hopping” to do for you.


About dotheroo

The Claim Your Youth team works with credit union professionals to better market to and reach young people... the future of credit unions.
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