New Mobile App

The Kirby’s Catch and Save mobile app is here and immediately generated so much excitement that you may have already discovered the breaking news from another source! Well the Kirby Kangaroo Club would like to invite you to check out the free app, available for download on iTunes. Check out for updates.


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Thank My Piggy Bank

Download “Thank My Piggy Bank” song on iTunes, Amazon or your favorite digital music store. Click here for more information:

A fun musical lesson about how to start saving money, no matter what age you are! Written & Performed by The Disclosures – Chad Helminak & Christopher Morris. From The Disclosures’ forthcoming financial education album for kids, due in late 2013.

Follow The Disclosures on Facebook for the latest news and songs:

Thanks to Capitol Kids, Madison Children’s Museum, Squirrel Trench Audio, Summit Credit Union, Caroline, Josephine, Nicholas & Sophia …and all the piggy banks out there!

For more information on opening a savings account, check out a credit union near you:

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Claiming their youth 2

From Isabela A.

From Isabela A.


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Claiming their youth

Claiming their youth


From Lane E.

From Lane E.

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What ‘Claim Your Youth’ means to teen

In our last CU Succeed newsletter, we featured a contest asking teens to answer “What Claim Your Youth Means to Me” by posting their response on Facebook. Here is the winning post by Tori Carpenter and winner of $250 in iTunes gift cards:

What Claim Your Youth Means to Me

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. ― Allen Saunders

I’ve always thought life was mainly about time. Not enough time, too much time, it’s what everyone thinks about, complains about, agonizes over. But is it really that we do not have enough time rather than we just spend so much of it deciding what to do with it that it’s gone before we are capable of utilizing it?

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard an adult say they wish to go back and change something they did, I’d be . . . well, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this, but that’s beside the point. All we ever do is think about everything but what matters. Everything but the present.

In fact, that’s really all life is anymore. Life is future. We spend our whole lives planning for more planning. It seems that even when future comes, we do not enjoy the life we planned for because we are too busy planning for more future. We save money so we can go to college so we don’t have to work at McDonalds, so we can afford a fancy house, so our kids can be successful and go to college. It’s an overwhelming, never ending cycle. But sometimes, maybe we should forget about all of that, and just live in the moment. Just sit back and enjoy the moment you planned for. You only have one chance at life so don’t spend it trying to secure something that is not even guaranteed.

There will come a time, years from now, when humanity will be so long gone, no one will remember we ever existed. There will be nothing left of George Washington, or Emily Dickinson. There will be nothing left of you. No one left to remember all the funny things you said, or remember that you never could do anything without analyzing it’s metaphorical meaning. You are truly the only thing that really matters. So quit living for everyone else. Live for your own benefit. Get up off the couch and do something for yourself now, just because you want to (well, within reason. Please don’t go get drunk or anything).

What I am trying to say is, remember that you only get to be young once. Someday, you will be responsible for other people. One day, it won’t be just about you. So enjoy what you have before it ceases to exist.
Claim your youth.

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Old Mom/New Mom: On kids and technology today

Old Mom

“There is too much technology for kids. What happened to books and board games? ImagePeople are getting their children iPads. I can’t afford one myself. I understand they need computers in school because eventually they will have to use them when they move on to careers. But I think technology at home should be cut back and more time spent with real books, crayons or paints and paper, and board games everyone can play together.”

New Mom

“It’s amazing how many mobile apps are available to download for kids, even toddlers!  Apps have become so educational that even when they’re learning my little ones think they’re “playing” on my tablet.  My 7-year-old daughter’s school just revealed a website she can login to for reading books online that are appropriate for her reading level, so I’m even thinking of buying a tablet for her next birthday.  Although; I do worry about too much tech time for my little ones, so my husband and I choose to limit the amount of time allowed per week. “

Check out for ideas on tech and non-tech fun for your kids!

The Old Mom/New Mom blog posts are by Claim Your Youth team members Mary Beth King and Rebecca Isaacs. Join them here on the Do The Roo blog as they argue (nicely) about issues that affect other moms, old and new.

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

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Suncoast Schools FCU claiming youth

Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union has opened four new middle and elementary Imagein-school branches and welcomed more than 300 new youth members to its growing family!

Since technology has drastically changed the way students learn, we made it our highest priority to include technology-based incentive programs throughout the openings of our new student-run branches. At each branch opening, student names were entered
into a raffle to win a Kindle Fire and for every new account that was opened, the student automatically received a $5 cash deposit into his/her savings account.

• Since grand opening on September 26, 2012 at Fishhawk Creek Elementary School in Lithia, Florida, 206 students opened accounts and deposited $15,372.
• Since grand opening on October 31, 2012 at Pine Ridge Middle School in Naples, Florida, 90 students opened accounts and deposited $9,512.
• Since grand opening on February 20, 2013 West Glades K-8  in LaBelle, Florida, 16 students opened accounts and deposited $1,045.

It’s incredible to see our new youth members set financial and personal goals at the student-run branches. They have the opportunity to hold leadership positions and serve as branch tellers, all while learning how to work with others and achieve a common
goal – SAVE MONEY!

Juli Lewis

Suncoast youth marketing manager

Read the story at the Naples News.

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